1. Cut out the paper patterns with a scissors or a cutter.

2. Trace the paper patterns to the leather

3. Flip the patterns and trace the left shoe.

4. Mark the holes in the leather with a push-pin through the paper pattern.

5. Cut out the leather with a cutter (make sure it is sharp) or leather scissors.

6. Punch the holes in the leather with the hole punch pliers (1,5 or 2,0 mm).

7. Thread length: 3.5x the outline of the outsole.

8. Start stitching at the little arrow (inside back).

9. Start on the inside and make sure the hole on the upper matches the hole in the sole.

10. Go through this first hole and leave about 3 inches of thread hanging on the inside. 

11. Go through the holes one by one. This is the first of two stitch rounds.

12. Keep the right tension: Just before a curve in the edge of the sole appears.

13. Go around. Add the front piece when you reach the last hole of the back piece.

14. When you reach the point you started, turn around for the next round.

15. Go around the second time. Use the same tension as the first round.

16. When you reach the extra stitch-lines(both sides): Go back and forth to create a full stitch.

17. When you reach the start again: make one extra stitch, then remove the needle.

18. Cut the thread and burn/melt both ends with a lighter.

19. Connect the front and back part with a triple stitch on both sides (check video)

20. Lace ‘em up!


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